Guardian Homes

As a breeder, we do not believe in the use of kennels. Therefore, we instituted the method of using Guardian Homes within our breeding program. 

A Guardian Home provides a forever home for a future breeding puppy and we retain breeding rights for a set amount of time. We want all of our dogs to live a loving life with a family of their own. A Guardian Home is not a foster situation. This is a great way for a family to have their very own high quality puppy, chosen by the breeder without the upfront cost of buying the puppy.

Guardians must live within 50 miles of our home, and preferably under 1 hour.  We will occasionally have puppies available for Guardianship, if you are interested in being a potential Guardian Home please contact us for more info.

Stella came into our lives in October 2012. Chris and I always knew someday we wanted to have another golden retriever. We were already blessed with one 7 years ago, Tanner. We also knew getting another pure bred Golden could be hard and expensive.  So by fate we came across Christina and her family, who bred Goldendoodles. This was almost too good to be true. I knew this was the chance if we wanted another dog we had to make it happen. With Tanner getting older and having a baby, we wanted our daughter to be able to grow up with our family dog. Now the two are best friends. We welcomed Stella into our home the same weekend our daughter turned one. A weekend I’ll never forget. Since then it’s been an experience, Stella has turned into such a loving and caring dog. I would have to say Stella has the best of both worlds being in our lives as well as being a part of the Willow Tree Family.  Since day one they make you feel totally comfortable with any questions we have had, they have explained it to us. They also stop by from time to time to see all of us. I would have to say we are pretty blessed to have Stella in our lives, not only did we gain another member to the family, we gained a life long friendship with the Willow Tree family.” 

~ Lisa, Guardian Mom of Stella  (Stella is now retired and enjoying life with her loving family and older “brother” Tanner.)

“When we learned of Willow Tree and their guardian program, we were a family of four with an 8 year old lab mix. We knew we wanted a puppy to join our family. The more we got to know Willow Tree and understand what being a guardian family meant, we felt being a guardian family would be a great match for us.  In August of 2013 we welcomed Sophie into our family. We totally fell in love with her and the Goldendoodle breed. So much so that in May of 2014 we brought Elsa into our home. It has been great to feel we can be a part of the process as we waited for the girls to join our family. Willow Tree has been so supportive to us from the very beginning. Answering our many questions and giving us support and advice along the way.  Being a guardian family for Willow Tree has been more than just bringing their dogs into our home. The open communication and advice we receive has enabled us to feel better equipped to be the best doggie parents we can be. We love the friendship we have gained and truly feel like we’ve joined their family.”

~ Justin and Harriette (Guardian parents of Elsa, Sophie, and Lucy II)

“We are the guardian family of a two-year-old poodle named Crosley… We also have a Goldendoodle from another litter from Willow Tree Doodles. Crosley has been a great addition to our family he is your typical poodle- very smart, happy, energetic, loving, cuddly, and curious. He gets along very well with our other dog Daisy and my four children ages 6-11.  I couldn’t imagine not having him as a part of our family. Christina and Lisa are great to work with and makes being a guardian family very easy.”

~ Amy Clyde