“I still remember the day I found a photo of this beautiful red/blonde Goldendoodle who had jumped up on its owner and was hugging her like a human, I instantly thought, I NEED THAT DOG!!! I then started looking through all Willow Tree’s photos and couldn’t get over how different these photos were from other Doodle breeders, they were obviously dogs raised in a home and loved, which was important to me. At the time my husband and I had a small Cockapoo Rocco and we were living in a loft, working on finding a house with a big yard, once we did we said Willow Tree was where we were going! 

Almost two years later I had kept in touch with Christina, she reached out and said Khloe was having her last litter, it was one of her babies in that photo, so I put our name down! We found our house in April, in June my best friend and I drove 1900 miles in two days to pick our little guy up! I honestly cannot say enough great things about how the whole process happens. Firstly when you get in on the litter Christina starts a Facebook group for that specific litter, which is great, we got an update every single Wednesday of the babies and how they were growing! Then pick week we got to FaceTime the babies and choose our little guy!! Obviously if you live in Ohio you can go there, we were in Rhode Island! We have kept in touch with nearly all the litter mates and watched them grow, chatted about different foods they might be on, what’s working for other pups in the litter etc. 

Rory has been such a great addition to our little family, he is smart and probably the most lovable dog I have ever owned! He is incredible with children and has wonderful patience. He is so good with Rocco our cockapoo, who is 9 pounds. I still talk to Christina weekly, if there is ever an issue or I need a recommendation I ask her and she gets back to me within an hour. We highly recommend Willow Tree, if anyone ever has a question, feel free to reach out!” 

Best regards, 
Caitríona & Karl Spratt (Rhode Island)

“We have 3 children (8, 6, & 4 years old). We knew we wanted a family dog in the near future and it would be a bigger breed. In early 2017 a friend mentioned that her sister found their puppy Willow Tree Doodle. The puppy was healthy and very well behaved from the day they brought it home. She then mentioned Willow Tree was planning on breeding Bernedoodles and showed me a picture. I just fell in love and that was when I knew our next dog would be a Bernedoodle. We researched on many breads but were considering a Poodle mix, knowing that they are hypoallergenic and that they are low shedding to no shed dogs. When I heard they were having a Bernedoodle litter coming we jumped at getting our family puppy.

Our baby girl Lena was born 4/28/18 a tricolor pup. We finally were able to bring our puppy home at 8 weeks and surprised the kids 30 minutes before we went to pick her up. Our family is so in love with her. She is just perfect and beyond what I thought she was going to be. From the first day she came home she was already starting to follow commands like, “come”, “sit”, “down”, etc. She is so friendly, does great with our kids and loves to cuddle. She amazes us each day. It didn’t take too long for her to start ringing the bell to go outside. I definitely think that having a breeder who knows what they are doing and who knows the parent’s temperament contributes greatly to how well the puppies are going to be. We would most definitely get another puppy from Willow Tree Doodle again. Thank you so much for our beautiful girl.”

~ The Luebbe Family (OH)

“When our family decided that we wanted to add a Goldendoodle to our family, a friend connected us with Willow Tree. WTD was a great support from the start. They talked with us at length about what kind of dog we were looking for and what we hoped to get. Wrigley was born on Valentine’s Day 2013 and we added him to our family in April 2013. WTD has been there to help answer our questions as we raised Wrigley. We have shared so much with WTD and we feel like they are a part of our family. We cannot imagine our lives without Wrigley and cannot wait to add another Willow Tree doodle to our family in the near future. There truly is no other way but the Willow Tree Goldendoodle way.”
~Kristen and Family (IN). Addison joined their family in 2015

“I had decided I wanted a Goldendoodle & knew Christina from having contact with her when my daughter purchased her dog, Gemma. Christina is exactly the type of person I want to do business with. She’s honest, knowledgeable, caring and was always willing to answer questions. 
Our dog, Piper is the daughter of Cooper/Khloe. She is the smartest dog I’ve ever owned. She practically came home housebroken. She seriously was going to the door ringing the bell to go potty on day 1. She is now 15 months old and weighs 62lbs. We absolutely love her and would highly recommend this breed AND Willow Tree as your breeder.”
~ Violet and Piper (OH)

“Willow Tree Doodles literally made my childhood dream come true. I was one of those kids that watched ‘Full House’ on television and the movie, ‘Homeward Bound’, and dreamed of the day I would have a Golden Retriever of my own. With time, that dream transformed into wanting a Goldendoodle. Within minutes of finding out my husband and I were moving to a home with adequate space for a dog, I immediately began searching the internet for rescue and breeder options. I found Willow Tree through a previous advertisement they had posted on a puppy page when they had an extra puppy in a litter. As I read through Willow Tree’s website I was able to see the amount of knowledge, care, commitment and love that was present in their business. Also, the second I saw the “Khloe” puppies and read that there was an upcoming litter soon after we were set to move into our new home, I was sold! Bringing home my sweet baby, Clara, was one of the absolute best days of my life. She is a wonderful, well-mannered, sweet girl and brought so much joy to our family that we decided she needed a Willow Tree sibling. Soon after Clara’s first birthday, we decided to add a second Willow Tree doodle to our home and brought home our second baby, Quinn (a Sophie & Benny puppy), who is just as wonderful as her “sister”. 

Christina of Willow Tree was wonderful to work with throughout the entire process. She is always available to address questions and concerns long after her puppies have gone home. Christina sets up a Facebook page for each litter so that you can watch your puppy grow before s/he comes home and so that you can keep in touch with your puppy’s littermates. There is also has a separate Facebook page for previous Willow Tree families from all litters to connect and post pictures, questions, comments, etc. Christina helps the families of her puppies to prepare for their homecoming by suggesting necessary items to keep your puppy safe and healthy. She also includes a folder of important information and suggestions when you pick up your puppy (trust me, you’ll want to save the de-skunking formula page!). Willow Tree Doodles is truly committed to their dogs in their breeding program, the puppies they produce, and their customers. I cannot thank Christina and WTD enough for how much happiness they have given me in the form of my two sweet doodle girls.” 

~ Brittany Fajt (OH)

“Years ago we lost our 14 year old dog then life got busy and we had kids. The thought of adding a dog to our family didn’t cross our minds until our oldest son was bitten twice when he was little by other dogs and developed a horrible fear of all dogs. It was heartbreaking to watch. If he heard a dog bark he would hide and shake with fear. As time went on things didn’t get better, they got worse. It got to the point where he didn’t want to go to anyone’s house or outside if he thought there was a chance he would see a dog. 

Then, we met the amazing people at Willow Tree Goldendoodles and our lives changed forever. After lots of thinking and spending time with their stud, we decided to add one of their puppies to our family in hopes that it would not only complete our family, but also help my son have a positive experience with dogs and overcome his fear. They made us a part of the whole process from the start. We felt so included the whole time and we were so excited to pick out our puppy. I say we picked our puppy but in reality he picked us. We went to see him early on and we all fell in love with him! We watched him grow over the next few weeks with the help of all the pictures and videos that Willow Tree shared. Once our puppy was old enough to come home, we all fell in love. My son was head over heels for him. He was still cautious but it is really hard to be scared of an adorable puppy in onesie PJ’s. Soon I would catch him playing football with him or playing fetch. 

Soon our small adorable puppy became just as big as the kids. He was officially part of our family and my son had no fear of our 60lb dog. We were so happy to see the smile on his face and to know that he at least was not afraid of his dog. We have had our “puppy” now for a year and a half. A few weeks ago our son was at his grandparents, their neighbor’s large dog got out of its fence. (The same dog that two years ago my son would shake when he heard it bark.) My son ran over to their house and tried to help them call the dog. Once the dog was back, he pet it and played with it for a while. It almost made me cry. Now my son can not only enjoy our amazing dog, but all other dogs too. 

Willow Tree Goldendoodles is amazing. They don’t just breed dogs. They do so much more. They love ALL of their dogs. All the dogs are in loving homes and are family members, not pets. Not only do their puppies come from these amazing family members, but they are loved from the moment they are conceived. Willow Tree stops at nothing to make sure their dogs get the most amazing care. Once the puppies are born, each is treated like child, not a puppy. They stay up all hours of a night waiting for puppies to arrive, they spend hours making sure the puppies are healthy and feeding well. Each puppy is played with, snuggled and loved. Our puppy came home well-adjusted and social. He is so smart and no matter where we go people always stop us to tell us how beautiful he is. I always tell Willow Tree I should carry their business cards with me. Our puppy was from their very first litter. One of the puppies from their next litter found a happy home with one of our family friends who saw how amazing our puppy was and fell in love with Willow Tree as well. So when I say I would recommend Willow Tree Goldendoodles to my friends, it is because I already have! We fell in love with not only our puppy but with everyone at Willow Tree. We added a puppy and family friends during our experience. 

~ The Fletcher Family and “Rudy” (OH)

“We found Willow Tree Doodles through a friend who had adopted a puppy from them previously. Our friends had such glowing things to say about Willow Tree Doodles, when we decided to add a puppy to our family, I knew I had to at least talk with Willow Tree. 

Right from the start Christina was patient and informative. Although we had owned other pets, we had never had a dog previously. Christina never got tired of my barrage of questions, she guided us through the process, and always kept me informed of what was happening with the litter. Once the puppies were born, she provided tons of pictures and videos. By the time we brought our puppy home, we felt like we already knew him. 

Willow Tree Goldendoodles takes such amazing care of their dogs and carefully chooses the parents, their dogs have great dispositions. When we brought Hobbes home, the transition was very smooth. Hobbes is now 6 months old, but it feels like he’s always been with us. We can’t imagine life without him now. THANK YOU Willow Tree Doodles! You’ve helped us complete our family in the best possible way.”
~The Hesselings (PA)

“I just wanted to update you a little on Harley. We are so in love with this pup. I have grown up with dogs my entire life and never had such an all around AMAZING four legged bestie. His temperament and loving personality is incredible. He is handsome and a show stopper wherever we go… puppy class, neighborhood park, Loveland Bike trail doesn’t matter. We have someone stop us always to comment on his beauty and manners. 

Potty training, crate training, puppy class… over achiever. Smart and kind. Loves all people and animals. Gentle giant. Our puppy class trainer has told us multiple times he has so many qualities of a therapy dog. We call him Mr. Chill. 

The vet staff…. he’s a rockstar! Compliments galore. Harley is also a dog model if you ask us 

So as you already know, your pups are elite and your program and love/passion for the doodle shines. We are so grateful for the love you give your pups!”

-The Dillon Family (Cincinnati, OH)

“I’ve had dogs my entire life, mostly Cocker Spaniels. In the Spring of 2013 my fiance got a Goldendoodle & I knew I had to have one too! I’ve always wanted a bigger dog that I could hike/exercise with. I started doing online research early in 2014 on breeders in OH, KY & IN. I came across the Willow Tree page & contacted Christina directly with several questions I had. I heard back from her within an hour & we had many conversations on email before I made my decision to go with Willow Tree. She was extremely knowledgeable & helpful. 

I decided to go with her for a July 2014 litter (Khloe/Lincoln). 

I was instantly added to a private FB page just for the ‘parents’ of this upcoming liter. She posted updates on the pregnancy on a regular basis. As soon as the puppies were born we were getting daily pictures & videos of the entire crew. Then we started getting pictures of each one individually with their weight & personality information included. My daughter & I got to go to their home to meet Khloe in person & pick out our new pup. 

Their puppies were born, raised & socialized in her home with her family – which meant a lot to me. We picked up our puppies to take to their ‘furever’ homes in September. 6 months later, our FB page is still very active. We all share silly antics & great pics of our Doods. Christina is still very engaged with all of us & gives great advice/recommendation on foods, grooming, neutering, & all kind of other crazy questions we have. Working with Willow Tree has been a great process; I would recommend them to anyone & will be back for my next Dood! THANK YOU!!” 

~ Kim, Carmen & Cash (OH)

“After graduating from college and knowing our schedules were finally about to get back to normal, we wanted to reward ourselves by finally adding a dog to our family. We have been a cat family for a number of years so one thing we knew for sure was that we didn’t want to add any more layers of fur on our furniture. After doing extensive research we fell in love with the Goldendoodle breed and knew one would be a perfect fit for us. We are located in Oklahoma and found a handful of breeders locally that we could have gone through, however, we didn’t get a great sense of any of them being truly compassionate with their dogs and that did not set well with us. Thankfully a friend of ours just happened to mention Christina and Willow Tree to us so we began messaging her. Instantly, Christina made us feel comfortable about choosing one of her doodles even though it would mean traveling across multiply states (1700 miles round trip) to bring our baby home to Oklahoma. 

They were very informative if we had any questions and still are til this day and have become an important extension of our family. We love the way she kept us updated and informed throughout the pregnancy, birth, and during those first 8 weeks of the puppies’ lives. 

Our sweet baby girl, Finley, is now almost 6 months old and we could not imagine life without her. Choosing Willow Tree was the absolute best decision we could have made and I recommend them to anyone (no matter where you live) before going with any other breeder. They truly care about the breed in addition to the health and happiness of their dogs.” 

~ The Davidson Family (OK)

“We are a large family knitted together through foster care and adoption. Our children are quirky. Besides being in recovery from trauma, several have birth defects as a result of being to exposed to alcohol during gestation. We had heard how service dogs were being used with children who have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders to help with self regulation. A professional trainer referred us to Willow Tree Goldendoodles. She had trained one of Christina’s pups and couldn’t say enough good things about the pup’s intelligence, temperament and able to train. Once Christina heard our story we were selected to receive one of their pups.

Over the months of waiting Christina was willing to answer questions, share our excitement and help manage our anticipation. She kept us informed through out the pregnancy and formed a closed social group where other expectant families could bond. Once those puppies hit the ground the photos started. We received weekly photos and a few videos of our babies. Christina demonstrated the utmost integrity in her breeding selection and held to her convictions when badgered by families living too far away to be a guardian home. We trusted her completely with the selection of our pup. She knew what we needed and just what pup out of 11 would be a perfect fit. Phoenix is more than we dreamed he’d be. He is so freaking smart! He knows when it’s working time and settles in giving a little more than expected. He takes our crazy life in stride and does not rattle. Phoenix is not work. He LOVES the water and finds a way to make the most of a single raindrop.

Beyond appreciating the impeccable breeding and exceptional quality Phoenix demonstrates, our hearts are forever changed because our son has his very own “pal”. Phoenix has reached broken places ins heart that we were concerned would never heal. We are forever grateful for Christina and Willow Tree Goldendoodles.”

~ Susan and Family (IN)

We had been talking about getting a puppy for our family of 6 for while and had planned to get one in December of 2015. I did a lot of research on the best dog for our family and we decided to go with a doodle. I spoke with several breeders including Christina before making any selection. Christina was very helpful and gave me a lot of information on goldendoodles, her dogs, and tips to look for with other breeders. We found out there was 1 spot left for the Cooper/Emmy litter born March 2015 and we decided, after much discussion, to send in our deposit! Christina kept us updated with pictures, weights and spunkiness on our Facebook group page and we were in love after the first picture we saw! We have stayed in contact via our Facebook group with other littermate families. It is so fun to see the pups growing up and have other people to share the ups and downs of puppyhood with! 

We could not be more thrilled with our experience, Christina and our Doodle, Daisy! She is a member of our family and couldn’t imagine life without her!! She is now 6 months old and very well behaved, so smart and sweet!! We have received so many compliments on her “looks,” and her temperament. We plan on getting a second dog and it will definitely be a Willowtree Doodle!!

~ The Clyde Family (Cincinnati, OH)

“Gemma joined our family in December 2011. At the time, our boys were almost 2 and 4. We were ready to add a dog to our family and came across Christina purely by chance. There was no Willow Tree Goldendoodles at this point but Christina’s stud, Cooper, was the daddy to this beautiful litter that we stumbled upon. Such a blessing this was!

Gemma has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Our boys were young at the time so I wasn’t too sure how they would do with a puppy, or how a puppy would do with them. But the bond our boys have created with her has been the neatest thing to watch develop. Gemma has a particularly close bond with our youngest son, Cooper (maybe because she secretly knows that’s her daddy’s name?! haha). Gemma has always been so tolerant of the boys when they want to lay on her or when they would accidentally step on her tail in their younger days. Today, Gemma is 3 and our youngest son, Cooper, is 5. They can OFTEN be found snuggling with each other on the couch, on the kitchen floor, outside…..anywhere! 

Christina is not simply a goldendoodle breeder to us, she’s become a wonderful friend and treasured wealth of knowledge. Gemma is 3 now and if I ever have a question about Gemma or the breed in general, Christina is ALWAYS willing to offer advice and information. Trust me, I’ve messaged/emailed her MANY times. There is absolutely no doubt that Christina loves her dogs and has gone into breeding for all the right reasons. I trust her implicitly and recommend her 100%. “
~ Sara, Gemma and Family (OH). Duke joined their family in 2015.


This has been one of the best weekends ever. He is THE BEST dog!

He’s so playful and loving.

He caught right on to where his food and water is and he visits there like a champ!
He’s automatic on the potty training (only 1 accident, but I blame dad for that one)
He LOVES his crate. Goes in and out all day (we keep the door open). When he’s tired, he just goes in there and plops down and sleeps. You can tell he feels safe there. We don’t make it like a prison 🙂 the door is open and he comes and goes. It’s very sweet.

When we put him down at night, we just close the crate door and lay there with our fingers inside and he’s asleep within minutes (doesn’t whine until he’s ready to go out. And with that, he barely whines. More of a whimper. Last night I think it was about 6 hours before he made a peep).

He hates the hardwood floor. (it’s funny) He goes to the edge of the area rug and then steps off very carefully.

He hate his reflection (cracks me up). I think he thinks his ball is a living, breathing thing. He’s plays with it like it’s a person!

We are so thrilled with him. Thank you so much 🙂 We’re completely in love!”

~ Deb in Cincinnati

“I was looking for a red male doodle on a lot of different breeders pages when I found Willow Tree. I was amazed at the quick response. Owner and breeder of Willow Tree was so knowledgeable and personable. She told me she had a red litter on the way and how to get on the waiting list. I put my name down and now I have a great dog! My Huckleberry is 6 months old with the softest coat ever! He is so lovable and smart. I live in Illinois and drove 7 hours each way but it is the best 7 hours I have ever spent! Best part is Willow Tree has stayed in contact with the litter. If we ever have questions they are here for us. I made the right choice on breeders that’s for sure. I will check with them first before I purchase another Doodle. I would definitely recommend Willow Tree to everyone.”

~ Kathy (IL)

“Millie is 7 months old and the happiest puppy we’ve ever seen. She’s playful but always down to cuddle and is extremely friendly! All our friends love how sweet and well mannered she is! We constantly get compliments on her unique parti coloring and her soft fluffy fur (some compare her to bear in the big blue house for those of you who know what that is). Millie loves walks but her favorite game is definitely fetch. Willow Tree Doodles did not disappoint with this amazing girl” 

~ The Estes family (Arkansas)